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Summer Workshops

We're so excited to be able to offer this new medium of felting at Foxley Atelier!  In these workshops you will learn many new skills and how to integrate them into functional, wearable/usable art. The art of felting is thought to date back thousands of years in Central Asia!  The process of felting takes an animal's wool and tangles the individual fibers together to create an airtight (and sometimes water tight) fabric. We can find these ancient practices still used today in the fabric of Mongolian yurts, Middle Eastern felted rugs, and the functional clothing of Scandinavian and Eastern European countries, for thousands of years people have used felting as a way to keep warm and easily beautify their home and clothing.  As I felt, I am transported back to a time when we took pride in the details, beautifying small cottages with painted flowers on the shutters, carding wool, dyeing fiber in cauldrons, and running through fields of buttercups with sheep!  Embrace your inner Heidi and join us in one of these amazing workshops!  (click to see pictures!)

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