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The Community that Makes it Possible

She's 8 years old, standing in Monet's garden with a giftshop sketchbook, surrounded by flowers, and Adriana knew in her little soul that she was an artist.  As Adriana's family moved across the globe during the early years of her life she was exposed to a variety of masterful and unique art, art that was expressed in textiles, ceramics, paintings, buildings, food, and cultures. Adriana quickly learned that art permeates everything, from the way we dress, to the food we eat, from the houses we build to what we do inside of them. 

As an adult Adriana found herself as single mom needing to provide for her young family.  She moved to Warrenton to be closer to extended family, and with her small savings opened Foxley Atelier with fingers crossed and a prayer that the young artists of Warrenton would find her.

Within the first three years the studio grew beyond its max capacity and Adriana expanded, inviting Laura and April into the studio. These amazing Artists share Adriana's vision, and live life passionately, dedicated to being artists, artists who share.  

Not only does Foxley Atelier provide for Adriana's family and the Artists who work there, it has enabled the growth of an artistic environment for Warrenton. There is no better feeling than knowing that your community supports what you have to offer, that they value what you have to give.  We artists at Foxley Atelier are so thrilled to be in a community that values the arts.  Our goal is to give you the most excellent and heartfelt artistic experience we can, when you walk through our doors you feel empowered to be creative, live passionately, and stay curious.

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